A New Year’s Challenge

January 12, 2010

There are so many things that can take up your time. As you can see, my new house is one of them. I have scarcely posted anything on my blog or twitter since I started doing the rehab on my house. However, I have kept up on Facebook and have found it most gratifying.

I cherish the ability to see at a glance what is going on in the lives of those whom I treasure most. After reading my children’s posts, one thing that I have become most grateful for is that all my children are decent, good, kind, loving people who I can be proud of.

There is so much coarseness in the world, so much immodesty in speech, dress and behavior. In fact it is at times shocking to see and hear how common some folks have become and how brazen they are in publicising their immoral and coarse behaviors. So, for this new year, I would like to invite everybody to join me in striving to elevate ourselves and the world around us. We can all become more refined, gracious and good.

Changing the world around us begins with elevating ourselves.

New Year’s Business Logic

January 1, 2009

By Janet Walgren

I went to the grocery store and spent $87.50. The cashier told me I saved $6.75… You would have thought I had just made a deposit. Did she forget to thank me for spending money or did she think she was working in a bank?

I got an advertisement from an insurance company in the mail. The only BOLD ALL CAP TEXT in the advertisement told me that I could get a “FREE QUOTE” if I called a phone number. I’m not sure if they were going to tell me how much it would cost me to buy insurance, or if it was a poetry hot-line.

I passed an apartment complex on the way to the store. They had lots of colored flags out front and a humongous “Now Leasing” banner hanging on their building. I wonder what they did for the last thirty years they were in business… manufacture flags???

At least the apartment industry doesn’t disguise itself in camouflage. Have you ever wondered what ADP, USANA, BRG, or BILCO do? Rhino and Stallion are not in the animal business. Would you have guessed they are locksmiths? Rhino also sells flooring.

Perhaps the insurance company would get more business if they hung out a banner that read, “Now Selling Insurance.” Surely it would be more effective than FREE QUOTE.

I’ve been thinking about developing another stream of income in 2009 ~ perhaps I could start a consulting firm. I could advise businesses to advertise what they do and to be sure to charge their potential customers to find out the price… no more FREE QUOTES!

Or, perhaps I could become a consumer consultant and teach potential customers how to start a bidding war… AT&T said they would charge me $89.95. “Hi AT&T, I have a quote from Comcast for $63.95… What? You say I can have it for $55.00. Great! Would you put that in writing?”

I think that 2009 ought to be dubbed “The Year for Honest Advertising!” and we should all demand that businesses, especially BIG BUSINESSES, tells us exactly what they do and how much it will cost us. Then, if we decide to do business with them, we should demand a “thank you!”

To make this idea a success, I think we should all get together and target one big business to set a precedent. Let’s start with CONGRESS!!! It could be our New Year’s Resolution.

Year End Review/Life In Review

January 1, 2008

By Janet Walgren

Year End Review~
2007 was an excellent year. One of the best that I have had in a very long time. I was able to accomplish several of my goals and see my youngest daughter do the same.  

Financially – my daughter and I were able to greet the new year debt free with the exception of student loans. We were both able to greet the new year with a very nice amount of savings in our individual bank accounts. We both have good jobs that we like and all of our possessions are paid for.

Physically – we are in better health than we were a year ago. For several years now I have needed an operation to restore the sight in my left eye. I now have the funds and the medical insurance to provide for the operation. My doctor appointment to start the process is on the 4th so I am very excited. We have started a new exercise regime and altered our diet and lifestyle so we are excited for the prospects that this new year will bring.

Spiritually – we are happy with our lives and feel very content. There are seasons in life and 2007 was a season of harvest, a season of wonderful blessings. God was very good to us last year. We know that God loves, blesses and chastens all of his children. We know that all seasons have an end. As we enter this new year we are grateful for the past seasons of our lives and look forward with faith to what ever God sees fit to bestow on our heads for our profit and learning.

Life In Review ~
Tonight my daughter and I went on a ride to view the Christmas lights for the last time this season. As we were driving we were talking about our lives and our accomplishments. My daughter graduated from college this year. She got the job that she really wanted. She loves her job and the company that she works for. My job has been going very well and recently I have been given new opportunities that will be fun and challenging.

I have six wonderful children and eleven awesome grandchildren that I am totally in love with. I am pleased with my family and the progress that they are making in developing their potential. We love and respect each other. We are friends.

As we were driving and talking, we passed the J. Ruben Clark Law School on BYU’s campus. (I wanted to go to law school when I was in college but my health and my eyesight prevented further education at the time I graduated.) Next, we passed the Provo, Utah temple. As we drove past the law school and then the temple, I had an interesting thought come to mind. Although I am happy and satisfied with my life, I wondered how my life was measuring up compared to my potential. Would God be satisfied with my life? I wondered, will I be satisfied with my life when God shows me what my true potential was, or will I be disappointed? I vowed to do better in 2008.

How is your life stacking up?