Personality Unleashed

By Janet Walgren

I delight in serious subject matter, information that is useful or vital – especially when delivered by serious people with their personalities unleashed. Last weekend I listened to a talk on family councils given by Mary Ellen Edmunds. She has a delightful imp living in her heart that is almost beautifully contained. It appears suddenly, is unleashed for only a second as she smirks when a thought hits her brain, races to her tongue and escapes as a one liner, then she goes back to serious without missing a beat. She doesn’t laugh but at times she makes you laugh hysterically. I laughed myself silly reading her book Love is a Verb and her talk was just as entertaining.

Another serious person that I love to watch and listen to is Prophet Thomas S. Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Watch his ears wiggle while giving a talk. It’s funny!


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