California Proposition 8

By Janet Walgren
I would like to share this video on California’s Proposition 8. If you think it doesn’t have anything to do with you, please think again. for English for Spanish

If Proposition 8 fails, what is next??? Marry your dog, marry a child, take 5 husbands or 9 wives? If gender has no meaning in defining marriage, why should a species or a number like “one” be relevant to any discussion about marriage? Then the question is, “Who has the right to define anything that obstructs one’s own will and denies one of agency?” I ask you, “Do we really want to go there?”

The Prophet leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have asked the members of the church to support Proposition 8. Unfortunately, not all professed members have done so. Some have actually petitioned the church to change their stand on this issue. Well, either you believe that the church is run by God through his prophets or you believe that the church is run by men manipulating the saints by usurping God’s authority to push their own agendas. Either you believe in prophets or you don’t.

If you believe in prophets and you believe in God, it is stupid… utterly ridiculous to say that God has no business sticking his nose in to the personal affairs of his children. So much for parental rights.

In the Book of Mormon, during the final days of the Nephites, the prophet made a statement that applies to issues like this. He said that he wasn’t going to tell us too much about the personal lives of the Nephites because we would get emotionally involved and miss the point…which was that God gave us rules and commandments with consequences affixed.

If we break the rules there are consequences now and in eternity. When the Nephites broke the rules and rejected the God of heaven, they were wiped off the face of the earth. We have been forewarned of a similar fate. The actions of individuals, the courts and the voice of the people do and will affect us and the fate of our nation.


3 Responses to California Proposition 8

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  2. Amen.

    The California battle is affecting our entire nation in very frightening ways. The judicial tyranny which has taken place to bring us to this point should disturb any American. When the voice of the people is discounted and denied, repeatedly, we no longer have a democracy.

    Additionally, bigotry and hatred are exponentially building to the boiling point. The media and others with ulterior motives are fanning the flames. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are particularly and unfairly being singled out for hate crimes. Until recently, I thought this was just my California friend’s great cross to bear. However, there are no boundaries to bigotry. Our temples nation-wide have become targets of irrational protests and vandalism. Hate mail and suspicious packages are being sent, necessitating evacuation and end of worship services. A children’s seminary in Utah received a suspicious package yesterday. The school had to be closed while it was being investigated by the police and FBI. An entire day was lost and lives were disrupted.

    I have even been personally targeted. Yesterday, a coworker verbally attacked me for my religious beliefs. He said slanderous things about my church and mocked me for believing the things I do. He got very irrational. His face was bright red, he was angry and ranting and a couple of times I feared he might actually hit me. I asked him why he was so angry at ME personally? We have been coworkers for 3 entire years and have always had a congenial relationship. His angry response was “Well, what do you expect? You’re a Mormon! You brought it on yourself!”

    Forget Osama bin Laden. It is citizen terrorism which we must fear the most.

  3. Dear MormonSoprano, I’m sorry you were assaulted. Little do folks realize that assault is verbal, battery is physical and assault is a crime. Beyond that, I don’t fear the citizen terrorists, I fear the wickedness of the nation. Our nation’s problems are solvable only to the degree that as a nation, we repent.

    There is a song I heard in the 70’s that talks about parents guarding their children well, “and then they’ll know how much we love them.” Unfortunately, we as a nation haven’t done a very good job of guarding our children from ignorance – ignorance of the principles supporting our Constitution and the republican form of government under which we live., ignorance of God’s commandments and the consequences of disobedience. Our children have been well schooled in evil. Too many mothers and fathers were too busy doing their own thing to teach their children and guard them. And, now we are paying the price. I’m afraid it will be a very big price that few can afford.

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