Solving the Economic Crisis

I wanted to write a post today about the financial mess that is destroying our lives and the proposed solutions that will destroy our liberty. I was totally frustrated with my lack of time to do so. (Working women’s voices are all too often silenced by a heavy load and time constraints.) When I checked my email this morning, I found this email from Connor Boyack that I would like to share. Make sure to listen to the YouTube clip.

The Sidelined Sages of Economic Cycles
By Connor Boyack

Being the news junkie that I am, I’ve been closely paying attention to this entire bailout fiasco, and observing the various responses and reactions it has elicited.  One of the more interesting things I’ve noticed is who our elected leaders are listening to for advice and counsel.


During the Congressional hearings last week, Senator Bennett (of Utah) and others repeatedly praised Fed Chairman Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Paulson (both household names by now) for their gracious insight regarding the economic crisis.  Apparently they had had a closed session where certain Congressmen were taught the nitty gritty of the economy, and given a deeper sneak peak as to how large the problem is.  The Senators were very appreciative of the wisdom of these two men.


Nobody seemed to notice (or at least they did not mention) that these two individuals are among the biggest culprits that got us into this mess!  With Bernanke as High Priest of Inflation and Paulson as Wall Street Czar, it was downright laughable to see the praise with which they were saturated by various Senators.  Instead of praising these two men, they should have had them removed from office!


So, a question: to whom are we as (hopefully slightly brighter and a bit more sane) Americans listening for financial advice and political wisdom in these times of economic disarray?


Well, that answer depends on each individual.  Perhaps a better question is: who should we be listening to?  Certainly not the folks who got us into this mess, and who only two weeks ago were praising the fundamentals of the economy as “sound” and reassuring investors and bankers alike that everything was peachy keen.


We should be listening to the people who during the “booms” and “bears” were predicting and warning about the “busts” and “bulls”.  It’s an everlasting shame that these are the exact people who are scorned and ridiculed for their warning voice.  Consider this video of Peter Schiff, warning about an oncoming recession two years ago.  He was laughed at and opposed with horribly weak arguments that have since proven his point.



Do you want to know who we should listen to?  Who knows the way out of this mess?  It’s the people who several years ago were speaking about it despite the derision of their peers.  Search the news archives and you’ll see a select few individuals whose foresight and wisdom have proven prophetic.


They are the ones we should be listening to, not the crooks who perpetrated this entire fraudulent debacle.  So long as the men who helped bring us this mess remain in power, those sounding a warning voice will be sidelined, ridiculed, and labeled as fringe.


And that is a net loss for America and her economy.


Thanks Connor! And, I might add – It is a net loss for Americans and their liberty! Now is the time to scream at Washington. Make your voices LOUD and CLEAR. We need to clean house not consolidate power in the hands of the traitors who created this mess. 

One Response to Solving the Economic Crisis

  1. Gloria says:

    Thanks, Janet, for finding this information and posting it on your blog. I wonder if Peter has collected his “penny” yet. He deserves to have it accompanied by an apology by Laffer, but I doubt he will ever get it.

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