There are three kinds of people who will call themselves your friend:

  1. Those who will help you stay where you are,
  2. Those who will help you get to where you want to be,
  3. Those who will help you get to where you ought to be.

If you want to be truly happy in life, and in eternity, it is critical that you learn to discern which type of person is really truly your friend.                                                                                       ~ Janet


2 Responses to Friends

  1. marlajayne says:

    Okay, confess. I KNOW there must be a story behind this blog, some impetus that pushed you to write it.

    When I read it, I thought of a friend who needs a little push (in my opinion) in order to make some changes in her life. She really wants to move forward but is afraid to, and I’ve been thinking of what to say to encourage her while at the same time making it clear that whether she stays in the same place or not, she’s still a special person.

    Here’s a quote from my “quote of the day” feature that I thought of sending her while saying “GO FOR IT!” “Fate loves the fearless.”

  2. Yes indeed there was some impetus that pushed me to write it. I have sadly observed several persons making bad decisions about their future backed by a chorus of “friends” encouraging them on when they should be sounding a voice of caution.

    It caused me to question, “What is a true friend?” I don’t get it. Why do people race down the path of destruction with the herd when there is so much to be gained on the high road? Such is life.

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