Beijing Olympic Winners and Losers

By Janet Walgren
Like most folks, my eyes have been glued to the television set ever since the Olympics began. Having been a national caliber athlete myself, it amazes me when someone who gets a silver or bronze medal is talked about as if they were a loser. It is laughable in a sad sort of way.

Although I won or placed in every tournament I ever competed in and mostly took first place, I never felt like a loser when I took second. Heck, when it comes to the Olympics, an athlete is a winner to even get to the opening ceremonies as a competitor.

Another thing that I have found amusing is the astonishment that the reporters express when they describe friendships amongst athletes who are competitors back home. Well this is another ‘NEWS FLASH,’ competition ends and long standing friendships continue after the game or the match. Heck, I loved the tournament parties and the weekend stays at the tournament host’s house.

It has been my experience that rivalry is the stuff that news is made of, not the stuff that athletes are imbued with when the day is done. In all my years of experience, I was never aware of any animosity between athletes off the mat.

I wish I could be a mouse in an athlete’s pocket in the Olympic Village and watch as all the new friendships that are being forged while the world’s best athletes celebrate together.

Anyway, I hope that you are enjoying the games as much as I am.

I’ll get back to regular posting after the Olympics.


One Response to Beijing Olympic Winners and Losers

  1. John says:

    I noticed that too. I would love to take second place or even third in any sporting competition.

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