Beijing Olympics

By Janet Walgren
My eyes will be glued to the Olympics for the next several days. Here is the link to the official Beijing Olympic website. I think my favorite thing about the opening ceremony was everything. The scope was incredible, the precision and execution amazing, the artistry exquisite, the numbers of ordinary people involved – very, very heart warming to say the least. I appreciate the cooperation, discipline, vision and countless hours that it took to put on such a performance. Wow!

My favorite style – the beautiful red dresses worn by the Chinese women leading each country’s athletes into the stadium. The dresses were elegant, refined, stunning and modest. (I hope that the pattern and fabric will be made available to the world. Perhaps they will sell them online:))

My favorite part of the opening ceremony was the lighting of the torch. It was amazing. I think it is and will remain my all time favorite Olympic torch ever.

My favorite image – the tall basketball player holding the nine year old boy who knew his duty.

I hope that each of you will take a little time out from blogging and your other everyday activities to celebrate with the world during the Olympics.



One Response to Beijing Olympics

  1. marlajayne says:

    Ditto, Janet. I’m enjoying the Olympics whenever I get a few minutes. One of my favorite memories from the opening ceremony is watching all of the athletes come into the stadium in clothing representative of their countries. I especially (of course) loved watching the young, smiling, exuberant, hopeful Americans as they came in. I noticed that President Bush who had previously taken off his jacket put it back on as he stood to honor their entrance.

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