Think so you won’t sink

By Janet Walgren
I have spent the last half a year of my working life interviewing people to get their stories for a book my boss is writing. Today I interviewed a delightful highly educated woman who has solved numerous problems with a slogan she used when she was teaching swimming lessons. She told her students, “if you have a problem, just keep your head about you. Think so you won’t sink!” After saying that to students for years, it occurred to her that the slogan not only worked in the pool, it also worked in life.

Are you facing a problem or challenge in your life? Don’t panic and react negatively. Why not think your way out of it? That’s what most famous scientists do for a living.


3 Responses to Think so you won’t sink

  1. barl says:

    most people like me find it hard to think

  2. marlajayne says:

    Nice post. I have so many scriptures, platitudes, quotes, and cliches to keep me on track that I can’t think of one that stands out above the others. It depends on what’s going on in my life.

    Your swimming post made me think of a line from a movie entitled Home for the Holidays (I think?) in which Holly Hunter is going to visit her parents and the rest of her family for Thanksgiving. She’s dreading it with a purple passion, and her teenaged daughter reminds her to remember when they went snorkeling and the instructor told them to “Float.” She told her mother to remember that no matter how crazy things got, she was to remember to “JUST FLOAT.”

  3. Barl, I understand the sentiment; however, every person that is living is thinking. Becoming aware of our thoughts is a marvelous process because when you become aware of the thoughts that are rattling around in your brain, then you can learn to control them.

    Thinking is an involuntary process. Controlling what you think is a choice. I once knew a woman with a daughter that was a little bit different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, I just knew it. The daughter was a main stream student in high school enrolled in Calculus, chemistry and other brainy classes. She was an A student.

    When the girl was born, the doctors told the mother that the girl would never talk, walk or function normally. She had Downs Syndrome. The mother was counselled to give up
    the baby. Instead, the mother took the baby home and worked hard to help the baby learn to crawl, then walk, then talk, then think.

    The mom did crawling therapy because she was told that it wires your brain to think. It was crawl the learn, crawl then calculus, crawl then chemistry. Crawling all the way through high school.

    Now I’m not suggesting that crawling will or even can make everyone a genius; what I am saying is that every living soul on earth is capable of enlargement. Unfortunately those with the greatest capacities to learn are often the ones who refuse to do so.

    Marla jayne, Thanks! Key words are great tool for triggering a response when needed. You can never have too many of them.

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