Do You Own Me?

By Janet Walgren

I heard a story once of a child who asked its parent, “Do you own me?” That’s an interesting question. So often parents do act like they own their child. While it is true that the parents have a stewardship over their children and the responsibility often entails seeing that the child does things that are often to their child’s disliking, the time comes when all children become adults, individuals responsible for thinking and making choices. Somehow, I think that this concept has gotten lost on the individuals and institutions that are primarily responsible for educating our children. Sadly, indoctrination in irrelevant topics has replaced learning how to think about relevant topics. Our children deserve better. They need to be taught foundational basics so they can become self-sufficient, contributors to society.


4 Responses to Do You Own Me?

  1. barlow says:

    that is hard for me with my 29 year old scitzophrenic son who lives at home…he has his own sphere that i do not enter and do not own..

  2. barlow says:

    also, i don’t think there is a third party candidate out there ..i think we will have to live with one of those of the majority parties who will remain unnamed..he who is not to be named

  3. Priya Raju says:

    Janet – I’m not sucked into Obama-mania either – the freshman senator has too little experience for the job of the most powerful person in the world. And while I admire McCain for many reasons, his “Bomb Iran” song scared me.

    But – Do you find Ms Clinton trust-worthy? She couldn’t even concede defeat gracefully. But more importantly – do you think she has enough imagination & simplicity to make changes in the white house? I’m eager to know your thoughts.

  4. Barlow, I have a friend with the same situation. There is such wisdom in your statement, “He has his own sphere that I do not enter and do not own.”

    One of the biggest problems people have, especially parents, is trying to own other people’s thoughts and behaviors. I like to tell people, “I have really great children and it’s not my fault!” It helps me allow my children to be their own person.

    Prya, Thanks for your comment. I will be writing several political posts during the campaign season. As for your question about Hillary being trust-worthy, Absolutely! Her record is out there. She stands by the principles that she espouses. The real question is do I agree with her principles. And, the answer to that is a very mixed bag.

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