Stupid Criminals & the Elections

By Janet Walgren

Last week, on the evening news, I heard a “stupid criminal” story about a twenty-one year old man who stole a check from his girlfriend’s mother and tried to cash it at his local bank. The teller alerted police immediately after she was handed the check. The thing that tipped her off that something wasn’t quite right was the dollar amount. the check was filled out for $360 BILLION Dollars. Everyone who knew the perpetrator was in a state of slightly amused shock as they expressed their disbelief noting that if they actually had $360 Billion on hand, “We wouldn’ be sitting here… We would be somewhere sipping margaritas…It must be 5:00 PM somewhere around the world.”

How could he do such a stupid thing? How could he be so dumb? As I pondered these questions, I tried to come up with a logical answer, but each time I thought up a scenario, I started laughing. Not that the situation was funny, it wasn’t in the least, but it was simply beyond my comprehension how anyone old enough to get to a bank teller’s window with a check in hand could have possibly expected to cash a check for such a large amount.

It would have been nice if I had seen the “stupid criminal” news clip on a T.V. sit-com; I could have gone to bed laughing. Unfortunately, the incident was all too real and the more I pondered it, as I watched the evening news, the more I realized that there are three candidates running for president right now who are each trying to cash bigger checks than that at our teller windows. So, why don’t we see them as stupid criminals? After all isn’t voting for a candidate like cashing a check called “Campaign Promises”… And, wouldn’t it be lovely if their checks only cost the tax payers $360 Billion… ~sigh


2 Responses to Stupid Criminals & the Elections

  1. BARLOW says:

    i am comming over from marlajayne and had to sayhow nosurfgirl and i don’t want there to be a hundred year war with john mccain whic would be 10 billion per months times 12 months times 100 years, well you figure it out

  2. BARLOW says:

    oh mccain finally said today the war could be over by 2013

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