When the Clock Stops

By Janet Walgren
Have your ever considered that some time sooner or later you will die? It was on my mind this week, probably because of the “annual” or “you are now old enough to need this” tests and that screenings ordered by my doctor. Anyway, there is no sense procrastinating thinking about the inevitable, right???  So, what did my overactive, hyperactive mind conjure up for the occasion?

The Game of Life

Imagine a long thick rope stretched out for thousands of yards suspended about 3 feet off the ground. The Devil is holding one end of the rope and the Savior is holding the other end. The rope is so long that you can’t see the ends until you are almost to them. There is a mist veiling the ends of the ropes and people are stationed along the rope to entice you one direction or the other… The rope is for your own personal game of tug-of-war and your position and direction of travel on the rope when the clock runs out will determine your eternal reward. Unlike other games of tug-of-war where you are chosen for a team and take a position on the rope, in this game, you choose which side you are on and your position on the rope. In this game the rope doesn’t move; it is up to you to move on the rope. You are free at anytime to let go of the rope and reposition yourself. The only restraints are distance, time and agency or your strength and will to choose.

There is a dance between choice and obedience where your agency intertwines with the will of others as you position yourself on the rope.  It is an intricate dance; a costume ball. The music started long ago and you are well into the game. It is like a cake walk but everyone is dancing to their own music. You only get one chance; when your music stops, your game is over. Are you satisfied with your position on the rope? Are you traveling in the right direction? Can you afford detours in the wrong direction even if it is on the right side of the rope? Are you pressing forward towards the tree of life? Are you ready to die???

Well the good news is I passed all my medical tests this week with flying colors. Perhaps I should plan on living another 20 years or so… but perhaps I should keep pressing forward because I will never know when my music will stop.

(I am second oldest of ten children. One of my sisters had colon cancer so we were all told to go get tested. Five have done so. I was the only one out of the five without anything to be concerned about.) Life can be sobering at times. It is a serious business especially if you believe in a life hereafter.


2 Responses to When the Clock Stops

  1. marlajayne says:

    Lots to think about here. Some famous person once said, “No young man ever thinks he’s going to die.” I might add “nor young woman.” However, as the years tick by and you are faced with the inevitable changes in yourself and in your children and friends, you realize that yes indeed, the “grim reaper” will come for you as well.

    What this realization does for me is to remind me of my determination to live each day to the fullest and more importantly, to keep my eyes focused on eternity. Yes, I agree that life is a serious business if you believe in a hereafter. It can be a sad, meaningless one if you don’t.

    Great news on your medical tests!

  2. Thanks Marlajayne! You know the interesting thing is that it would be ok either way. I do want to live to see my youngest daughter married and established with a family and the good new on my medical tests is that I will probably last at least another 20 years or so, but I know that everything would be ok with out my being here and that is good.

    Congratulations on your race!

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