If we now shun the fight

By Janet Walgren
Recently I discovered the movie Amazing Grace. I didn’t know the story before. The movie was excellent and it had a profound impact on my thoughts. The movie tells a true story about the fight to end the British slave trade. It didn’t glorify the debauchery in graphic cinematic detail, it used words which ultimately proved much more powerful in conveying the awful realities of the trade. I was sickened at the inhumanity of man back then, but then I wondered if we aren’t just as guilty in our own unique modern way. The movie left me with many thoughts to ponder, thoughts about the inequities and injustices of today’s world, thoughts about great men and our own standing in eternity. I feel a need for deep introspection and careful evaluation of my own worthiness. How is my life stacking up compared with my possibilities and capabilities?

I have oft heard people exclaim how they would like to meet a great author, artist, statesman, or religious figure in the next life.  I wonder, how could I ever think to stand in the presence of such amazing men and women when my own life, my own endeavors are so pathetic, so trivial, so meaningless. Would not a crowd of adoring fans such as I be like a swarm of gnats to be swept from the face of greatness? Perhaps if we want to stand in the presence of greatness, our trial, our work is to shun our lives of ease and ease the burdens of the oppressed, the downtrodden, those who lack faith. Every person that has ever walked this earth was sent here to make a difference. I ask myself, what difference have I made? Are you making a difference?


3 Responses to If we now shun the fight

  1. marlajayne says:

    I’d say “yes” to your question because you ARE making a difference in the lives of all who read your blog, your family, the students and others that you come in contact with, etc. We watched this movie last night, and I too was moved by the passion of this man and his determination to make a difference. I often feel inadequate compared to such as he, but then I console myself somewhat by thinking, “Think globally, act locally.”

  2. Marla Jayne,

    I really like “Think golbally, act locally.” There is so much to do in the world and so often people try to do the world’s bidding while ignoring the widow next door. Even locally, there are so many professional charities that drain a community to the point that the ordinary citizen in need has no chance of having their needs met. I can help the widow, the orphan, the down hearted.

    I’m glad that you like reading my blog. I love writing it.

  3. Holly says:

    I can really relate to your feelings after watching this movie. The first time I saw it I left wondering what I could do to make a difference in the world and I felt like there was no time for any more selfishness on my part. But I’ve been realizing that I was thinking of doing something really big. There are so many little opportunities that I pass up because I don’t really think that they are that important or significant. This is a good reminder – thanks!

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