America’s path to captivity

By Janet Walgren
I received an email a couple weeks ago about an exchange student from a third world country who asked his college professor, “Do you know how to catch a wild boar?”

Now that is a question that conjures up all sorts of interesting images in ones mind. First, you have a large hairy animal with hoofs and tusks… the student went on to answer his own question…

“It’s really very simple. All you have to do is find where the boars are and put out some food. Once the boars are used to eating the food instead of foraging, you simply put up one side of a fence near the food. After the boars are used to the fence they will go back to eating the food. Next, you put up another side of the fence and repeat the process until you have built a coral with a gate. Then, all you have to do is close the gate and you will have captured an entire herd of wild boar simply by closing the gate.”

 Imagine that a herd of wild boar could be captured by simply closing a gate while they were enjoying a free lunch. Is that what you imagined? Think about the next generation that is born in captivity. They wouldn’t even know how to forage. And, the next generation wouldn’t even know that there was food on the other side of the fence.

Isn’t that what has happened to Americans today? Our ancestors who built America were farmers and entrepreneurs. They worked hard for a living as did their children. It was a family venture to survive. The next generation worked for the entrepreneurs. It involved less hard work and personal risk than entrepreneuring. Their children grew up to work for large corporations and retired with gold watches.

Today with outsourcing, downsizing, big box retailers and fast food giants providing the jobs there is little left for the worker to feast on in the corals of mega-business. Americans are working less than 40 hours a week for $6.00 to $8.00 dollars per hour and feel lucky to have their jobs. Others are being shot at in Iraq because they they had no other job options and couldn’t afford an education. They didn’t know how to find food in the coral much less on the other side of the fence. Few Americans know how to forage and the numbers who do are dwindling. We are loosing our ability to survive.

We are a nation that is deeply in debt and fast loosing our freedom. We have sold ourselves into slavery because of our debt, our greed, our laziness and our poverty of mind and spirit. All that is left to gain our captivity is to shut the gate of the coral. If this doesn’t scare you, it ought to.


2 Responses to America’s path to captivity

  1. senthil says:

    Good narration Janet.. I feel, the consumerist policy of US has led to this stage. This had driven american people to spend more and save little. and when some one used to spending freely, and so much of credit is given, it will lead us to debt.. and the combined such overspending habit of american people led the nation to trillion of dollars debt.

    In India, I used to spend much on credit card. But my father held the control, and brought me out of that trap. Now I dont use credit cards much.

    It’s really a puzzle, how America will get out of that trap.. One of the tactics it will follow is to print more dollars. But how long? China has grabbed much of the dollars in the last 40 years.

  2. Thanks Senthil.

    Today I ran across this article that sums up America’s problem very well. The article “The Seven Signs of a Falling Nation” outlines perfectly the sins of my country and it’s fate if we as a nation don’t repent. In the Old Testiment in the Bible, the prophet Isaiah foretold of the destruction of Jerusalem at the time that they were conquored by the Bablyonian empire. Isaiah listed a great number of offenses that led to their downfall. Then Isaiah turned his attention to our days stating that we were just like them of old and prophesied that we would suffer the same fate if we don’t repent.

    Here is the link to the article:|1167490901&gclid=CLLn9cOlipECFRdPagodZwzVFw

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