Searching for Cinderella

By Janet Walgren
My daughter took me to see the movie Enchanted last night. It was a funny spoof on all the Disney flicks with a princess that is rescued by a handsome prince. I laughed myself silly. But you know, the princess and handsome prince flicks are pretty silly. Take Cinderella for instance. The prince finds a perfect size six glass slipper and runs around the countryside willing to marry any girl with the right size foot. That’s pretty silly, don’t you think? Well it did get me thinking…

I wonder why a guy would run around with a glass slipper if he didn’t like to dance? There are a lot of guys who don’t like balls. Then, a size six Reebok wouldn’t do, even if it fit, if a guy doesn’t like sports or Cinderella doesn’t like to play ball. Perhaps prince charming would do better with a size six penny loafer, or a walking shoe, or a cowgirl boot.

Perhaps we should change the saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it!” to “If the right kind of shoe fits, wear it!” Anyway, I highly recommend the movie if you want some funny light hearted entertainment, but watch out… it may get you thinking.


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