Blogging or Hanging Out

By Janet Walgren
I heard a rebroadcast last Sunday of a talk on dating given by Dallin H. Oaks. In the talk, Elder Oaks admonished young women to quit making “hanging out” easy for guys, lock their doors (and their pantries) and hang out a sign that said “Will Open for Dates.” Elder Oaks then defined a date as:

  1. Pre-arranged
  2. Planned
  3. Paired off
  4. Paid for (by the young man)

Young women were also admonished that a date was an invitation to get to know someone better. It was not a request to go steady.

Young men were admonished to quit hanging out and get on with it. They were told to date often with the objective to find a compatible wife.

Now some young men I know blog with a purpose, a focus. For instance, one guy blogs about politics. He is committed, intelligent and has worthwhile things to say. Another guy is a linguist. His blog is about the Thai language. I don’t speak Thai, but I find an occasional read of his blog interesting. He also gave me some good advice that got my Vietnamese son-in-law teaching weekly Vietnamese lessons to his family on Thursday nights. I read a blog about books and poetry by a woman in India. It is fascinating. I also read blogs by Chinese high school students.

I enjoy reading good blogs. I have learned a lot in the process, but I wonder if some blogs are just an electronic way to hang out?


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