Mirror Mirror on the Wall

November 29, 2007

By Janet Walgren
I spend a lot of time eating crow. I’m good at it. It seems that I’m regularly removing both feet from my mouth. Yesterday was one of those days. I ate crow for breakfast. I ate crow for lunch. And I ate crow for dinner. About that time I was tired of eating and just wanted a break so I decided to check my email and my blogs. Well, look what I ate for dessert. This kind man made my day by commenting on my About page. I wish someone would invent a mirror that shows us what we used to be on the outside combined with what we have become on the inside. Wow! Now that would be an invention, but I guess that’s what the resurrection is for.


I saw this link with your name and wanted to say hello. I was probably around 9 or 10 years old when I met you at Jim Harrison’s school or house in Overland Park, Kansas. One of my best childhood friends was Dirk, Mr. Harrison’s oldest son. We hung out together a lot then.

I clearly remember my friends and I secretly thinking that you were, and calling you “The prettiest and coolest woman in the world.” For real! Didn’t you have a little sports car for a while too. Being pretty, with Jim Harrison, and being able to fight so good – I remember we thought you were right out of a James Bond movie! You definitely made a big impression on me and I never forgot your name.

It sounds like your life has been great, and I’m very happy for you. It was during those years with Jim Harrison that I got hooked on the martial arts and I have never turned back. I live in Austin, TX now and teach martial arts (http://www.pmaaustin.com).

I wish I had some old pictures or articles of you that I could give you, I do still have those memories though of “The Prettiest and Coolest Lady in the World!!”

Hope to meet you again someday,

Steve Doss

Thanks Steve, You made my day!


Searching for Cinderella

November 22, 2007

By Janet Walgren
My daughter took me to see the movie Enchanted last night. It was a funny spoof on all the Disney flicks with a princess that is rescued by a handsome prince. I laughed myself silly. But you know, the princess and handsome prince flicks are pretty silly. Take Cinderella for instance. The prince finds a perfect size six glass slipper and runs around the countryside willing to marry any girl with the right size foot. That’s pretty silly, don’t you think? Well it did get me thinking…

I wonder why a guy would run around with a glass slipper if he didn’t like to dance? There are a lot of guys who don’t like balls. Then, a size six Reebok wouldn’t do, even if it fit, if a guy doesn’t like sports or Cinderella doesn’t like to play ball. Perhaps prince charming would do better with a size six penny loafer, or a walking shoe, or a cowgirl boot.

Perhaps we should change the saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it!” to “If the right kind of shoe fits, wear it!” Anyway, I highly recommend the movie if you want some funny light hearted entertainment, but watch out… it may get you thinking.

Men Bashing

November 18, 2007

By Janet Walgren
It is interesting how often we open our mouths and say things without ever knowing the scope or the consequences of our words. How do they play on others’ minds? Do we offend ignorantly albeit without guile? Are we even cognizant of the extended meanings of our words?

Today in our women’s meeting at church we were talking about the women’s role in the family and society. The teacher started telling us that women are different. They can multi-task whereas a man can only think about one thing at a time. Men are the providers and the women are nurturers. Then, one woman got up and talked about how terrible her life is now because, when she was ten, her father’s health declined and her mother and father had to do a role reversal. She said things like, “My mother left us to go to work… Because my mother left us, I have big holes that need filled. I don’t know how to do… Men can’t fill the role of nurturer.”

I wonder if she ever stopped to appreciate the fact that her mother rescued her family. It probably wasn’t her mother’s first choice to go to work, or her mother’s fault that her father was incapacitated. It probably wasn’t her dad’s ideal choice either. Did she appreciate the fact that if it were true that her dad couldn’t work to support his family, it was also true that her dad’s health would have prevented him from properly taking care of the family. Good grief – he was probably pretty sick. Surely he wasn’t/isn’t the prime benchmark for evaluating all men.

I certainly admire a woman who steps up to the plate when necessary. Being a double parent is not the ideal. It is a tough job…I know from experience. However, I would hate to think that all men are single minded. That would mean that God could only take care of one of us at a time. And, if men can’t nurture, I wonder why an omniscient God picked Jesus Christ to atone for our sins? The scriptures teach us that the Lord is our shepherd, that we are His. Perhaps at times men and women nurture differently but I think that we are more alike than we are different.

I think that one way we are different is in respect. If someone started women bashing in the men’s church meeting, I don’t think that it would last for a second. I think that women need to repent. We need to respect ourselves and each other. And, we need to appreciate the scope and majesty of manhood and give men the respect that they deserve.

Blogging or Hanging Out

November 14, 2007

By Janet Walgren
I heard a rebroadcast last Sunday of a talk on dating given by Dallin H. Oaks. In the talk, Elder Oaks admonished young women to quit making “hanging out” easy for guys, lock their doors (and their pantries) and hang out a sign that said “Will Open for Dates.” Elder Oaks then defined a date as:

  1. Pre-arranged
  2. Planned
  3. Paired off
  4. Paid for (by the young man)

Young women were also admonished that a date was an invitation to get to know someone better. It was not a request to go steady.

Young men were admonished to quit hanging out and get on with it. They were told to date often with the objective to find a compatible wife.

Now some young men I know blog with a purpose, a focus. For instance, one guy blogs about politics. He is committed, intelligent and has worthwhile things to say. Another guy is a linguist. His blog is about the Thai language. I don’t speak Thai, but I find an occasional read of his blog interesting. He also gave me some good advice that got my Vietnamese son-in-law teaching weekly Vietnamese lessons to his family on Thursday nights. I read a blog about books and poetry by a woman in India. It is fascinating. I also read blogs by Chinese high school students.

I enjoy reading good blogs. I have learned a lot in the process, but I wonder if some blogs are just an electronic way to hang out?

Return to Reason and Vote Intelligently

November 1, 2007

By Janet Walgren
My uncle was a sniper during WWII and the Korean war. He never intended to be one; he was just too good of a shot. He was in almost every major battle in the South Pacific and was an assassin trapped behind enemy lines in Korea after he took out a North Korean General.  His life was pretty intense. For R&R he loved to start a fight then sit on a roof or in a protected corner and watch the brawl; it calmed his nerves. HE WOULD HAVE MADE A GREAT POLITICIAN.

It is election season again. I am 60 years old so I have seen a lot of elections in my life and they are all the same. Only the names of the fighters have changed to protect the anonymous puppeteers. You would think that after several hundred years of practice, Americans would finally get it, but we don’t. During election campaigns, we willingly brawl with each other as candidate after candidate starts fight after fight while their puppeteers sit in a protected corner of the universe stealing our liberty, our freedoms, our government and our country. Why are we sleeping? Why can’t we wake up to the truth? What is the Constitutional job description for the office? Is the candidate experienced and capable of doing THE JOB described?

Politics is a divide and conquer game for those who pull the puppet’s strings. That is the real reason that so many contentious issues that are (or at least should be) reserved to the states become hot bed issues in national elections. I think that every voter should have to pass a simple test on the U.S. Constitution before they can register to vote. Seem as how we can’t do that, we should at least find out if the candidates could pass a test on the Constitution.

What do marriage, education and medical issues have to do with the jobs of the U.S. President or Congress? If I went to work and talked all day about marbles, I would get fired. The company that I work for isn’t in the marble business. Issues regarding marriage, education and medicine (abortion) belong to the states. Why should they even be discussed in a campaign for a national office? I would prefer to hear candidates talk about solutions to problems that have or could arise within the scope of their own job descriptions.

Since when can The Judicial Branch tell the local police that they can’t enforce a constitutional law because it will hurt business? Since when can a the Executive Branch decide to rob us of Habeas Corpus? Since when can The Judicial Branch decide to expand the law of eminent domain to allow private corporations to rob us of our land? Where is the oversight, the checks and balances guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution? Judges don’t make laws. They enforce them! Presidents don’t make laws. They administer them! Presidents don’t declare wars! Or at least they shouldn’t. That is the job of Congress. I think that there are too many federal officials in all three branches of our government who are declaring war…war on the U.S. Constitution, war on states rights, war on the legal citizens of the United States of America, war on the entire world. Why? To what end? 

Perhaps it is time that the states that make up America become UNITED and take a stand against the whores in Washington D.C. Our capitol has become the biggest brothel in the world. I hope that every voter will take time to read the U.S. Constitution and really study it. Then, I hope that reason will return and that we, THE CITIZENS of the United States of America, the only ones who own a vote, will unite to vote ALL the whores out of office.