An Opened Mind

By Janet Walgren
Have you ever held a strong opinion on a subject and then encountered new information that totally changed your mind on the subject? I had that experience this week concerning the Iraq and Gulf wars. 

I was in favor of the first Gulf war and very much against the Iraq war. I thought that Senior President Bush blew our chances to eliminate Saddam at the end of the Gulf war and that Junior President Bush blew it when he invaded Iraq. I was totally for pulling our troops out of Iraq as soon as possible and allowing the “Iraq Civil War” to take its natural course.  

I know that this region of the world has been bathed in blood for 6,000 years. I understand the prophecies regarding The Middle East in the last days. I have listened carefully to the news reports and articles coming out of, or about, that region of the world. My daughter studied the history of the Middle East extensively in college and discussed what she was learning with me on a daily basis. I have had Arabic neighbors in two states and we talked about their lives in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Amman and The United Arab Emirates. I studied the Middle East in my International Government classes in college. I thought that I had a very good understanding of and informed opinions about that area of the world. 

Putting It All Into Perspective 

Last Sunday I had the privilege to sit and listen for two hours at the feet of a person who know things that very few persons in the world will ever know. Heads of countries in counsels behind closed doors consider things that are not repeated to the press or to generals…the public does not get the honest truth. That said; let me tell you some things that changed some of my opinions. 

  1.   When Senior President Bush went to Camp David before the onset of the Gulf War, he went fasting and praying and concluded that the Lord wanted us to go to war. He didn’t understand all the reasons why and so stated it. At the conclusion of the Gulf War, we could have taken out Saddam; we didn’t. The reason being, if we had taken Saddam out, the two parties that supported him in power would have taken control and they were much worse than Saddam ever thought of being. The parties would have become warring factions that would have taken down Iraq in a way that the whole Middle East would have ignited and Armageddon would have happened way before it’s time.
  2.   When 911 happened, those in the know understood that the world had changed forever. Our enemies had become strong enough that they felt emboldened enough to attack the giant of the world on our own ground. We had to stop them or suffer the consequences. It had nothing to do with the excuses that we heard. It had everything to do with the same groups that were behind Saddam and others like them. Iraq happened to be the only place that we could go in. We went.
  3.  When we reached Baghdad, Donald Rumsfeld made two critical mistakes:
    1.  He rewarded the evil men behind Saddam and let them go free.
    2.  He allowed looting.These mistakes sent a message to the Iraq people that we didn’t care about them… we lost the people.
  4.  Junior President Bush didn’t listen to the Department of State and Foreign Service. Our ambassadors refused to be there and we lost Colin Powell’s valuable service. We were fighting hard but making policy wearing blinders and ear plugs.
  5.   Since the Democrats won the majority:
    1. President Bush has started listening to the State Department and Foreign Service.
    2. All of our Ambassadors are back in place with a full diplomatic corps for the first time in six years.
    3. For the last ten months the top two Al-Quaida groups in Iraq have been eliminated.
    4. We can prevail with time and intelligent policy.
  6. The warring factions in Iraq are not in a civil war or a religious war; it is a tribal war.
  7. If we don’t stay in Iraq, we will be fighting Armageddon very soon. We need to conquer the most evil 5% in order to allow the good 95% to prevail. If we leave, we will have left the 95% to be controlled by the Gadianton Robbers and the Mafia combined. All power, armies, monies and weapons will be in their power and we will have willingly handed them the power and resources. 

There is so much more that I heard in the two hours last Sunday that I have not shared. Nor have I shared the source, but I assure you that it is very credible. The main thing that I would like to share with you is that knowledge, even a lot of knowledge, doesn’t necessarily put things into perspective. That is why the scriptures tell us that God thinks differently than man. He alone knows the whole picture – past, present and future, thoughts as well as actions, pitfalls, traps and dangers. He will work to bring to pass the Immortality AND Eternal Life of man IF we allow our minds not only to be open, but to be OPENED.


One Response to An Opened Mind

  1. Holly says:

    Good post–I don’t know as much as I would like to about the Middle East and the war, but I can’t help but think that if there are not people fighting for democracy over there, there would be a lot more problems with them coming after us over here. Sounds like you had a really enlightening experience. I am so impressed by the soldiers who are willing to fight for freedom.

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