Happy Father’s Day

By Janet Walgren
I would like to thank my father for honoring my mother. My father and mother never fought; perhaps they should have a time or two but they never did. I have always known that my father loved my mother and I appreciate that about him.

My father was a good provider. We were never hungry, homeless or lacking the necessities of life. I’m sure that wasn’t easy for a father on ten children.

My father is careful in his hygiene, dress, and appearance. He was and still is always well groomed. If dad was working in the yard and was suddenly called to give someone a blessing, dad would take the time to clean up and put on his Sunday clothes to pay the visit. He afforded his family the same courtesy. This is something that I very much appreciate in a man especially nowadays.

It was my father who gave me my love for learning. I remember going to classes with him at the University of Utah when I was little. I remember the physics lab, the flight simulator, the math class and the planetarium.  I remember coming home from college and fencing with dad in the driveway. Those were the good old days when I was 4 and 5.

Then there were the fun times with the boy scouts. My dad was the scout master and I got to go on their hikes; I rode piggy back on the boy’s shoulders and they never seemed to mind.  The family also went on the scout campouts with him.

It was my dad who instilled a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ in me and taught me about God. When he was the stake mission leader, he would take me with him for cottage meetings and he taught me the flannel board discussions. I also got to travel with him throughout the stake when he was assigned to talk in other wards; it was a very large state back then and we would travel to small towns with exotic names like Hiawatha where we would hold church in the Odd Fellows Hall after cleaning up the beer cans from the night before.

My dad has always been worthy to bless his family. We can trust him.

My dad gave me my love of the outdoors and my love for life.  Camping and fishing were common activities in my younger years. At 83 my dad can still out ride any of his grandsons on a bicycle and he has a membership to Gold’s Gym. He helps my brothers take out big trees for the neighborhood widows. He keeps his large yard up and does the yard work and gardening for two of the neighbors as well.

My dad is a good citizen and he has been very politically active. He was a delegate for the Republican convention and a constituent representative for Senator Orin Hatch. I am a conservative but fiercely independent so we clash here but it was dad who inspired my love for the constitution and politics.

My dad is a good man a terrific father, grandfather and great grandfather. I don’t know off the top of my head what the family head count is now, but we are over 100 strong and still counting so his influence is deep.

I can say all this because one man had one wife and honored her. Thanks Dad! 

Happy Father’s Day.  I love you!


2 Responses to Happy Father’s Day

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Janet, I am Shirley Davis’s sister in California, I really enjoyed reading about your Dad and experiences you have had with him. My dad, George Hart died in 1971, and I miss him a lot. We had lots of fun times growing up, too. Camping and fishing. He played the saxophone for a lot of Church dances. I enjoyed playing the Saxophone too, and going to the High School football games and to the Coast of Oregon thanks to being in the Pep Band. Dad died in April, right before I graduated from BYU. My only consolation is I had just been to visit him the first week of April, and he knew I was going to graduate from College in May. Thanks for reminding me how great our Father’s are in our lives.

  2. Hi Barbara,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. I am pleased that my post brought back fond memories for you. Families truly are terrific and I was blessed to get the family that I got. It sounds like you were too. I hope that you will visit my blog again and if you have one of your own please feel free to shamelessly promote it here.

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