Family roll call

By Janet Walgren
I just got home from spending father’s day with my dad and some of my family. We did a family head count and figured out that my dad currently has 106 direct decedents and 43 in-laws and step grandchildren for a grand total of 149. Two of his grand-daughters are expecting and several are yet unmarried. We all have a love for life that is a direct result of my dad’s influence.

The roll call and family report was interesting. The one thing that stood out above the rest was the thought that came as our family attended my cousin’s missionary farewell. Her husband is the new mission president for the Everett WA mission and they will be leaving for their mission this week. For the last two weeks they have been visiting the parents of all the missionaries who are there now, or have been called to go in the near future. About 50 of the missionaries’ parents attended the farewell. That was impressive, but then I thought of my parents and the 106 direct decedents and how much missionary work that represented.

My uncle’s family has been equally prolific and that is just the tip of the iceberg if you go back another generation. I know that parents who teach their children are actually teaching a nation. What better work could there possibly be than the work of parents in the home?

After Shirley’s comment, I had to verify some facts to make sure that this old mind had things straight. I didn’t. Shirley, the record for the number of people who slept on the living room floor is 47 out of 80.

Today my dad was put under notice that he will probably have a house full for the next two weeks as certain families come to visit. The wonderful thing is that he loves it. I can remember going to my dad’s house for dinner once and a ton of family showed up just about dinner time. My parents just performed the miracle of the loaves and the fishes and kept cutting the dinner portions in half. By the time I arrived, they gave me a pork chop bone for dinner, and you know what… it was delicious. Just like my family. They are deliciously interesting, exciting and diverse. Even with all of their faults (and we certainly have them) I can’t think of anything better than family. They are a blanket that wraps me in love.


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