So how’s your day stacking up?

By Janet Walgren
This week I have been trying to wrap my mind around RSS Feeds, pipes, and aggregate pages for a project at work. It’s pretty heady stuff for a 60 year old, especially pipes; I’m just not getting it. I might mention here that I am at least a decade older than anyone else in the office including the owners of the company, and the internet didn’t exist when I went to college, so when I ask my new office mate for some help understanding pipes, she kindly explained some basics and gave me a couple of websites to look at. I finally figured out the bare bones basics and with help, subscribed to several blogs and set up a pipe and two aggregate pages and figured that I could pull off the task. As I started writing, my office mate turned to me and said, “You know Janet, you’re pretty tech savvy for someone your age.” We laughed and I didn’t let it make me feel old.

Then my boss came in and told us that she was taking us to lunch at Magleby’s. I went ahead to secure a table while they finished up some business. I had been waiting for about five minutes while looking at a display case full of pewter figures one of a girl sitting on a stack of books. I was thinking that Heather might like one as a graduation present, when a man came up and told me the prices stating that they were very affordable, something that was entirely not obvious to me.

I sat down and tried to wrap my brain around the affordable concept while waiting for my party to arrive. Then a cute little four year old boy came over and sat down beside me.

“Hi, what’s your name?” He asked.
“Janet, what’s yours?” I replied.
“Dallan,” he responded.
“So how old are you?” I inquired.
“Four,” he said.
“So you’ll get to go to school next year, won’t you?” I commented.

He said, “Oh, I’m already in school so that I’ll be ready for Kindergarten. I don’t want to get behind. But, I’m on summer break now… So how’s your day stacking up?”

Suddenly I felt very old


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