I used to be a tigger

 By Janet Walgren
What ever happened to the healthy well built figure? A figure that was not fat, not skinny, not lacking muscle tone, but healthy and shapely used to be the norm in the olden days. I used to have a beautiful figure and I fully expected to arrive in a coffin dressed in the perfect size 9.


About two months ago I noticed that it was getting harder to move freely and do the things that I wanted to do. I thought of the many elderly people that I know with sever mobility challenges and then I took a good long hard look in the mirror; it was frightening. I saw twice the woman that I used to be staring back at me, and I don’t mean that in a good way. I thought back to the good old days when I used to be a tigger. I owned several martial arts schools, a scuba diving academy, and had a trampoline in my backyard; I loved everything physical especially gymnastics. Could it be that I had physically arrived at the point of no return? At that moment I decided to hedge my bets and re-invent myself. If my mind wasn’t old and out of shape, why should I let my body continue to be that way? 


The first thing I did was to mentally visualize myself wearing a pretty dress in a perfect size nine standing in a garden waiting for my prince charming. The next thing I did was get to work. I changed my diet completely and hopped on the treadmill and vowed to make it my daily routine for life. Surprisingly, it only took a good hard solid week to start enjoying my morning routine, and two weeks to start noticing a difference. By week three, my vision was firmly planted in my brain, “As a man thinketh…right?”


Now, at week eight, my inner child has come to life and my imagination is starting to soar. At the end of each workout I tell myself, “Good Job Janet!” The other day I was walking on the treadmill thoroughly enjoying myself. I remembered the days that I soared on the trampoline and could do any number of impressive tricks. Then I began thinking of a video clip that my daughter showed me on YouTube of a group of guys that do a choreographed routine on treadmills. I surveyed the treadmill handles and decided that they looked about the same as the parallel bars, but reality set in quickly. Aha! At least I could throw my arms up in a victory celebration as the treadmill’s timer crossed the finish line and say “Good Job” as I rode backwards and the safety key disengaged. Bloop Bloop! Ouch!! I guess that I need to shorten the safety cord. Oh well, I used to be a tigger and I always will be one at heart.


3 Responses to I used to be a tigger

  1. Shirley says:

    Janet, Holly and I were reading this together and she noticed that you wrote it on the 12th. That’s pretty cool! I hope this comment will be dated on the 11th. That would be even cooler!

    Wow! You owned several martial arts schools and a scuba diving academy? I have one set of grandkids who are all involved in karate. They live in Michigan. I don’t remember what color of belts they have. They have done well in it–the whole family is involved.

    I never got involved in much physical stuff–I love working out in my huge yard but until just recently I just wanted that and housework to be my exercise. As of this last week though, I’ve started walking first thing in the morning, thanks to another daughter. Anyway, Holly and I have been going most mornings together so far. I sure want to keep it up!

    Okay, I need to send this off or it will be the 12th!

  2. Ah…Shirley you caught me. I have a friend who has published a family news letter for decades. The motto under her news letter header is “We print what we have and make up the rest.” I wish that I could claim that kind of deliberateness, but at last, I must confess that all of the mistakes that I make are the result of a tigger bouncing through the realm of e-space pouncing on the flowers of perfection. You have now successfully documented how many weeks it took me to get the calendar on my blog on the right hour of the day. ~sigh

    You will get a laugh out of an email that I sent Ben after having a nightmare of a thought here it is:

    Subject: Urgent Question.


    I just had a nightmare of a thought. Putting up a blog in WordPress is a challenging. The formatting never works right the first time. The paragraphs always seem to disappear when I click save. It doesn’t matter if I write the post in a word doc and save it as an html doc or a text doc and paste it from Word, or if I type it directly into WordPress. The results are always the same.

    My question: When do blog posts go out on a feed or email? If I click publish then edit it again, does it go out twice? If twice, would the subscriber get both versions or the final version twice? I think that I’m going to die… either of embarrassment or one of my kids is going to kill me.

    Please answer quickly. I may need to leave town before someone gets home.

    Thanks (I think)


    I don’t personally know Ben, but he must have the patience of a saint to put up with this old lady. Here was his reply:


    LOL, no, it won’t send them twice. If someone gets it via a feed, it’ll pull whatever version of the post is up on your site when that person opens their feedreader. If someone gets it via e-mail, it’ll pull whatever version is up when the e-mail gets sent. (With Feedburner, you can schedule them; I have mine set for 11 p.m. each night.)


    At this point in my communication, I really didn’t want to know if anyone gets my posts via email, because there were two times that I posted something before it was ready to be sent out. And wouldn’t you know it, one of the times was on purpose when I was trying to see if the formatting would work better in the edit mode after I posted it. I had cut and pasted the post from an email and then deleted a portion. When things didn’t work, I deleted the post and pasted in the unedited copy and published it then edited it.

    The nice thing about having your own blog is that you can continue to edit things when you make a mistake like the calendar. When you make a mistake on someone’s blog other than your own, you can either pretend that you just didn’t do whatever it was that you did, or beg the blog owner to fix the mistake for you before everyone else sees just how dumb you look. – Again, Ben has been a gallant knight is shining armor in this regard.

    It is like when I posted the comment on your blog and put the record was 80 sleeping in the living room and 10 tents for overflow. The record in the living room is 27 with the rest of the 80 overflowing to five bedrooms and the 10 tents.

    Like Holly, I am learning to live with imperfections because it beats the alternative which in my case is not living with perfection though I do try. Sometimes I imagine my grand entrance in to Heaven being like an English ball like in the movie *My Fair Lady* or *The Reluctant Debutant*, only when I am announced the servant includes all the stupid things I did on earth while trying to figure things out.

    Anyway, thanks for commenting. I hope that you enjoy reading my ramblings.

  3. Shirley says:

    That was fun to read. I am glad I’m not the only one who is confused by all this new stuff. I just don’t get most of the technology stuff. Holly helps me quite a bit. Yeh, I’ve e-mailed Ben before, too. I was embarassed by some mistakes in a comment to him one time and I didn’t want to draw attention to them by making another comment to correct them but I didn’t want Ben to think that I wasn’t aware of them so I e-mailed him. He put it in perspective by saying, “Oh heavens, I wouldn’t worry about those.”

    As I remember, Holly and I were pretty amazed at the 80 people sleeping at your house–let alone in the living room! I had forgotten that part.

    I really enjoy all the learning from everybody. I do enjoy your “ramblings.”

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