My Day of Rest

By Janet Walgren
Today was another wonderful Sabbath. It started with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing a Memorial Day Concert and broadcast in the tabernacle at Temple Square. I particularly liked the women’s performance of Distant Land by John Rutter, the mens performance of Bring Him Home from Les miserables, and the playing of Taps set to the backdrop of war memorials and military cemeteries.

After the choir, I attended church with Heidi again. I really like her congregation. I never expected to feel like a babe in my child’s arms but I did; it felt so good to sit next to her and be wrapped up in her arms as we worshiped together.  One sweet thing that happened is that she gave me a necklace during church. She just reached around my neck and put it on me then put her arm around me as we were sitting listening to the talks.

There was a speaker who talked about his prodigal son experience. When he finally decided to turn his life around, he returned to church and met a man at the door. The man asked if he could help the speaker and the speaker said, “I don’t know where I am supposed to be.” The man just hugged him and said, “Welcome Home.” I love that story. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone would be like that?

After church Heidi took me to the cemetery to see my mother’s grave. My mother passed away a year ago April.  The cemetery was full of families visiting the graves of their loved ones and it felt so reassuring to realize how good people really are and how strong families are. I appreciate knowing that families are eternal in nature and that we are all a part of God’s family, His sons, and His daughters. 

This afternoon I spent an hour on the phone with Heather who is in England until the 20th, and then another hour with Jamie. My son, Keli and his wife called also and their call reminded me of the “potential husband interview” in the movie, The Importance of Being Earnest. “How is ______going” he inquired? “Well not as well as I would like,” I responded. “Glad to hear it!!!” he countered.

It seems that most of my children have my life planned out for me. I can come move in to a granny flat, or spare room, and live with them and we will all live happily ever after. How they ever talked their spouses into that one I will never know, but my grandchildren love me for good reason.

I guess it isn’t that far off the future that God has promised to all who obey His commands. “Welcome Home, here is your family, and here are the keys to your mansion!” It’s a lovely dream, a worthy goal, and totally achievable! Best of all, it’s up to you.


2 Responses to My Day of Rest

  1. Holly says:

    I love that story about the man coming back to church. How neat that the man who greeted him was so perceptive. When I came back to church after having been inactive for a while I just felt so much love and acceptance – it was wonderful. At the time I was still a little unsure of “where I was supposed to be” like the man, but because of the complete love and acceptance that I felt, I was able to recover much quicker. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Holly,

    It touched me too but for the opposite reason. When I came back, I came with black eyes and bruises all over my body. There were concerns that my husband might kill my baby before it was born. I was totally broken and broken hearted. When my first visiting teachers came, one told me that she didn’t know how I could come back because she would be too embarrassed if she were me.

    I ask her if she had children. She said yes. I asked her if she sent them to school. She said yes. I asked her how she would feel if some of her children didn’t come home and she didn’t know where they were. I asked her if she would be having a party or counting heads and mourning. Then I asked her how she would feel if one day one of her children came home when she thought that they were lost forever. And then I said, “Is it any wonder that the angels in heaven rejoice when someone comes home? And, who are you to say such things and ruin the party?” She thanked me for the lesson and never came back to my home.

    It is so important to remember that we are the Lord’s servants not the owner of the mansion. When we serve the guests that come to His house, then we tend to get it right. I am so glad that the people in your congregation got it right. I am thankful that most of the people in my congregation got it right. It is sad when they don’t get it.

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