Project Gutenberg

By Janet Walgren
Lately I have been spending a lot of time on the internet. I come home at lunch time and surf blogs hoping that my daughter who is in England will come online so that we can chat via IM. And again at night I eat my dinner at my desk hoping for an IM conversation and waiting for my daily email from her so that I can post it on her internship blog. Yesterday, I was exploring the Riverglen Press website and I learned about Project Gutenberg, a website that publishes out-of-copyright eBooks. They have over 20,000 free books and 100,000 titles available. I was intrigued; I collect antique books, and I have one set in particular that all my children want. I was planning on making an electronic copy for each of them so I looked through their online catalog hoping for an easy way out. I found that I have at least a shelf full of books that I could contribute to their collection. This is very exciting to me (and it will probably be exciting to the owners of the blogs that I have been posting too many comments on lately).  I could use a good project. The project runs on volunteer power and there are several ways that you can contribute so if you have spare time or spare change on your hands and would like to contribute, click this link to volunteer. Now if only I could get my email…


2 Responses to Project Gutenberg

  1. Ben says:

    An easy way to volunteer with Project Gutenberg, by the way, is the Distributed Proofreaders site. If you work out an arrangement with them to get your books on there, you could get them finished in a fraction of the time. (Or of course you could do them yourself. :))

  2. Thanks Ben! I checked out the link and it looks like a great way to handle the task. I will see what I can do to use that resource.

    I like the fact that so many people take a little bite out of projects every day. If anyone has just a little time each day to read a really old book, this would be the way to go.

    P.S. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read an old book, you should try it. I have found that old books are very interesting.

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