The Best Mother’s Day Ever

By JanetWalgren
I think that this was my best Mother’s Day ever. It started by going to the Tabernacle Choir’s broadcast at the Conference Center – what a treat. Even though I am a great fan of the choir and have attended probably a hundred performances, I think that today’s performance was my all time favorite. (It will be the “live” broadcast next week if you get the chance to hear it.)

The Tabernacle Choir and the Orchestra at Temple Square performed Felix Mendelssohn’s oratorio “Cast Thy Burden Upon The Lord” from ELIJAH. The piece was written in German and the first libretto was translated into English and premiered at the Birmingham Festival in England in 1846. It was written for four soloist, a large choir, and a full orchestra. The fun thing today was that the performance was huge! There was a guest baritone soloist Bryn Terfel, from Wales, who had a wonderful voice and another soloist from the choir who played back and forth with the recitative. The combination was powerful and the sound and acoustics dynamic. When the full orchestra and choir were at a whisper, and then built up to a huge crescendo, and then an instant pause in perfect unison, the sound completely enveloped the conference center and you could hear a very distinct echo in the quiet of each music break. It was like a massive orchestra and choir were performing in an intimate little concert hall with every instrument and vocalist combined in one perfect voice.

ELIJAH is the story of the prophet Elijah’s confrontation with the wicked priests of Baal as told in I Kings & II Kings in the Bible which is a powerful story. Lloyd Newell’s discourse in the Spoken Word was well suited to the text of the music so I totally enjoyed the performance. Oh, and Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley attended the performance too.

When the concert was over, a sister from the choir presented Bryn Terfel a quilt that she made of the flag of Wales. Apparently Bryn visited and performed with the choir three years ago and he wore a tux with long tails. After the performance, he opened up his coat and the lining inside was the flag of Wales. Last time, Bryn recited a poem called “Taffy” and so this time, someone recited a poem that I think Prophet Hinkley wrote (I could be wrong on this) in response to “Taffy.” Everything was great fun and my spirit was amply fed.

After the choir, I went to church with Heidi. There are some notable families in her congregation and here are some of the gems that were gleaned:

Sister Eyring on her mother, wife of Henry B. Eyring:

  • On parenting and discipline,“Save your bullets for the big one!.”
  • When her daughter asked why Sister Eyring never put her children’s grade cards on the refrigerator like the other mothers did, she said, “I didn’t want you to think that my love was conditional.”
  • When Sister Eyring’s daughter wanted to skip school with her friends, they would all go to Mary’s house and make treats and talk with her mother. Sister Eyring said, “I wanted you to know that I care about you.” The focus was always on things eternal.
  • When her child would say, “I have already purchased a ticket to___; do you think that I should go?” Sister Eyring would say, “They already have your money don’t let them have your time also.”

Bishop Pinnock, son of Hugh W. Pinnock:

  • From class member, tell us about the fire…We won’t talk about it. (apparently he put a tent up in his bedroom, insulated it with paper, and put a heater in the tent which started a house fire)
  • Mother had a listening ear. The children always reported to their mother after a date or event which kept us out of trouble because mom always knew what was going on.
  • Mother had helping hands and volunteered at school in 60’s when ponchos and wigs were in style. One day she took off poncho in front of class and wig came off with it.

Sister Anne Pinnock, wife of Hugh W. Pinnock:

  • On tradition for newly wed children and grandchildren living with her. “My house is for the newly wed and the nearly dead.”
  • A mother holds a child’s hand in hers for a while, but holds them in her heart forever.

Note: (I may have some of the above slightly scrambled as to the authors) 

After church I had dinner with Dillon and Heidi. They gave me the book, Love Smart by Dr. Phil, and an ergonomic keyboard for my computer. I also received calls from Keli, Jamie and Heather. While I really appreciate everything that my children do for me, and give to me, yesterday I was thinking about the best presents that I had ever received from my children. My answer was their love notes, marrying right, and having awesome families.

I love my children so much, and I want to thank them for being such wonderful children. I feel so joyful and serene at this time of my life. Women, don’t rob yourselves of the greatest joy that can come to you in life. Have a family; become a mother. It is the best job that you could possibly ever have.


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